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Justin, commonly known as ‘Jake,’ grew up and lives just outside of Findlay, Ohio.

Growing up his passion in motorcycles and small engines began in his father’s powersports shop. At an elementary age, he was riding dirt bikes, racing motocross and helping his dad with various projects in the shop. As he grew older, he stopped racing motocross and began racing harescrambles and AMA GNCC’s. After graduation, he and his mother took over his father’s shop and he became the service manager and lead mechanic.

In 2007, he bought his first street bike and was instantly addicted to riding. During the 2009 riding season, he rode his first track day and was hooked. Since then, he has completed 20+ track days at various tracks around the region. He continues to ride dirt bikes, but spends most of his time on the track. In 2011, he bought his first race bike and raced eight races in the 2011 WERA North Central Series with promising results. Since then he has became a serious contender in the WERA North Central Series, winning multiple regional titles over the years.

2015 Race Results

5 Race Wins
14 Podiums

Final Points Standings

1st Lightweight Twins Superstock Expert North Central Region
2nd Lightweight Twins Superbike Expert North Central Region
2nd Formula 2 Expert North Central Region

2014 Race Results

5 Race Wins
13 Podiums

Final Points Standings

2nd Lightweight Twins Superstock Expert
2nd Lightweight Twins Superbike Expert
3rd Formula 2 Expert

2013 Race Results

4 Race Wins
16 Podiums

Final Points Standings

1st Lightweight Twins Superstock Expert
2nd Formula 2 Expert
3rd Lightweight Twins Superbike Expert

2012 Race Results

9 Race Wins
22 Podiums

Final Points Standings

1st Heavyweight Twins Superstock Novice
3rd Heavyweight Twins Superbike Novice
2nd Lightweight Twins Superstock Novice
2nd Lightweight Twins Superbike Novice

2011 Race Results

4 Podiums

Final Points Standings

4th Lightweight Twins Superstock Novice
9th Lightweight Twins Superbike Novice
7th Formula 2 Novice

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