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419 Racing Starts the Season On The Box!

Full Summit Point Motorsports Park Race Report. Grab a donut, some coffee, and a comfy toilet seat.

The 419 Racing team set out for our first trek of 2020 to Summit this past weekend to compete in a WERA Motorcycle Road Racing and N2 Track Days endurance and sprint weekend.

Jerry and Jon’s last event was September, so they were looking to break off ~9 months of rust and remember how to ride again.

The weekend started with a N2 track day on Friday to learn the track. Jon and Jerry alternated morning stints learning where the turns go, and making some setup changes to the freshly frame-offed endurance bike. The fresh Mikey Alexander SS build felt great! During the 1pm session after lunch, Jerry took the bike out to quickly learn that it wouldn’t rev over 7k rpm’s. After a quick look in the pits, it appeared the check valve in the tank vent wasn’t allowing air to fill the tank. Jon gave it a quick disassemble and cleaning. But the session was done by the time the bike was back together, and as luck would have it – the sky opened up shortly after to thunder, lightning, and large volume of rain… so the test day was done.

Saturday morning the team, together with the SWG Motorsports team got hot pit setup and ready for the race. Jerry took the bike out in the endurance practice to quickly realize that the problem was NOT repaired. Upon bringing the bike behind the wall, the 419 team decided a fuel pump swap was the best course of action. The only spare we had was a 4-wire pump, and the endurance bike is a 3-wire harness. Jon did a lightning fast pump housing swap to put the 4-wire pump and filter assembly in the 3-wire housing. The boys got the bike buttoned up just in time for Jerry to make two flying laps and set a qualifying time. The bike was running great now.

We were gridded on row 7. Jerry got a decent start, and had no business being near the front going in to T1. After being on the receiving end of many passes, he settled into learning the track and finding some pace. After 1:45 on the bike, the fuel light came on, and Jerry pitted in. Jongo took over the controls. Similar to Jerry, he had to learn the track at pace and his laptimes worked their way down over the course of his 1:45 stint. Jongo brought the bike in with a fuel light at the 3:30 mark in the race, in 2nd place. With a lighting quick pit stop by the SWG Motorsports boys, Jerry got back out to finish up the last 30 minutes. After some spirited spot swapping with the 4 Dudes on a Twin team, Jerry brought the bike home in 2nd place!

After not being sure we’d make the grid just that morning, this was a great result.

Sunday brought the WERA Motorcycle Road Racing sprint races. Jerry blew the dust off of his sprint bike and gridded up for HWSB, LWSB, and F2. Team Meat’s Dave Belsterling was on pace though, winning each of those races. Dave drug Jerry down into the 20’s with a friendly tail tap in the LWSB race, but (3) 2nd place finishes was the result of the day.All in all, it was a great debut to the 2020 season.

The team was grateful to Summit Point Motorsports Park, WERA Motorcycle Road Racing, and N2 Track Days for figuring out a way to get racing green lit.

We’d like to thank our partners in this adventure that help us get to the track:

Vortex Racing Fan Page

Vesrah Brakes

Autolite Spark Plugs

Fram Filters

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